Online application form for Prospective Students of Korean

Online application form for Prospective Students of Korean

Please Note: The language placement is only for students who are enrolling into languages at UNSW for the first time and have not completed the necessary prerequisite course(s).

Student ID: z
First Name:
Last Name:
Year/Stage in 2023:
Preferred contact number:
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The format of the university email is z(your student ID)
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I am going to take Korean course as:

Notes: Students who wish to undertake language courses to fulfil elective or general education requirements should ensure that these courses count towards the requirements of their degree programs with the relevant Program Authority.
I would like to enrol in the following course in 2023:
Note: : Students from Korean family or cultural backgrounds who have some knowledge and skills in Korean or students who have completed the HSC Heritage Speakers course or higher are normally ineligible to take ARTS1660/ARTS1661 and ARTS2660/ARTS2661. They are advised to enrol in ARTS3667 and may be allowed to enrol in ARTS3660/ARTS3661 on a case-by-case basis subject to the results of this placement and if necessary an interview with the Placement Convenor. Please contact Dr Seong-Chul Shin ( to organise an interview if you are advised to do so.

Please note that the term "Advanced" simply means that it is a 3rd year course for those who have started the study of Korean at the university with no prior knowledge of Korean. Students with Korean family, HSC (Heritage Speaker or higher) backgrounds are highly advised to enrol in ARTS3667 Insights into Korean as a Second Language, which is designed as a general ‘gateway’ course for the cohort and instructed in both English and Korean. Please note that the course code (3667) does NOT correspond to a (high) proficiency level.

Students who have passed the TOPIK test I or II should provide their test result (Level) in the statement below, and they may be placed in Intermediate, Advanced or Professional level courses depending on the test results.
Compulsory Additional Comment:

Note: When you respond to the questions in Korean, please do so honestly WITHOUT assistance from others, materials or devices including the Google or other translator.

Where possible, please provide your statement in HANGEUL sentences, and include details of the following:
  1. your place of birth
  2. the length of your schooling in Korea and/or Australia
  3. your everyday language(s) at home with parents and siblings
  4. your experience of studying Korean at schools, including ethnic schools, and other contexts
  5. your own assessment of your proficiency skills (in terms of speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension) in Korean
  6. what you want to achieve in the Korean course that you would like to enroll to
  7. write up to five sentences about your family, your uni study, your weekends, etc.

For enquiries regarding this application form, please contact:

School of Humanities & Languages
Morven Brown Building, Kensington Campus, UNSW
Phone: (61 2) 9385 1681
Fax: (61 2) 9385 1251